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What if, in one day, you could give your child success techniques to shape their future?

If you’re looking to bring your teen’s future into focus, our Teen Success Summit contains the essentials you cannot miss.


Does your teen struggle with any of these challenges?

  • Managing responsibility
  • Finding their unique identity
  • Choosing the right role model or hero to follow
  • Successfully scheduling and balancing work and play
  • Meeting high parental expectations
  • Social peer pressure
  • Prevention of unacceptable and limiting habits
  • Depression
  • Fear of failure


Are you ready to turn your teen’s challenges into success?


At the Teen Success Summit, essential tools for turning challenges into the building blocks of success will be intricately explored. Imagine the benefits awaiting your teen as they learn how to:

  • Plan and focus on life goals
  • Prioritize personal, educational, social, and familial obligations
  • Communicate with parents and educators
  • Find mentors and model success
  • Conquer limiting beliefs
  • Understand universal laws of success
  • Discover and use their passion, will and drive
  • Set and achieve higher standards to reach their peak potential

Your child will learn how to focus on all the right things at the Teen Success Summit!

They will discover:

  • The true definition of an entrepreneur
  • The key ingredient to ensure you will excel in the marketplace
  • How to stop being the CEO, Secretary, Bookkeeper & Janitor
  • How to overcome financial, business and security obstacles
  • How to make your resources work for you
  • How to find the money you need to fund your ideas
  • What those at the top do that you don’t do…yet



About the Instructor

Teaching young people is a subject close to the heart of your instructor.  He was born in Harlem to Liberian parents and raised in New Jersey. Growing up in a rough neighborhood he learned the harsh realities of poverty. As a child, he believed that he could be anything, but once he started school in the inner city, his visions of the future were darkened by the poor education system, societal views and negative images in media.

As he grew to be a teenager, his friends lost themselves in criminal life and drugs due to hopelessness, fatherlessness and lack of vision. Many of them today are either living in less than desirable circumstances, in prison or dead. After his own brushes with these fates he was blessed enough to overcome these challenges and turn his life around, driven to share his experiences for the benefit of others.


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By attending this seminar, your child will gain invaluable benefits:.


…so that they can confidently handle the challenges they face, knowing they have a plan for their life and a roadmap on how to get there.  Your teen will come away with many “aha” moments, learning real life tips from someone who truly cares about their future.  They will be able to make wiser decisions in choosing positive mentors and role models as they get a clear understanding of what success truly is.


They will learn:

  • How to Structure Your Business
  • How to invest your time to achieve the best productivity
  • 80/20 rules to implement
  • What to outsource to free your time
  • How to creating new opportunities
  • Brand yourself and Business
  • Crate a Niche to beat out competition  
  • How to build a brand or business that wows!
  • How to condition your self for success

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We guarantee that you gain new insights to nurture and grow your entrepreneurial spirit after attending this seminar. In fact, we are so certain that we offer a money back guarantee!


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Attendees will reap the benefits of these awesome bonuses:.

  • BONUS #1 Free Goal Planning Session
  • BONUS #2 Free Strength Finder Quiz
  • BONUS #3 Free Lesson on the Three Key Kinds of Income

Easily  a $250 value, that’s Right FREE for this seminar only.


Guaranteed Benefits

We guarantee that the ideas from this seminar will positively impact your teen and equip them with valuable insights. In fact, I am so certain that I offer a money back guarantee!



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Attend the Teen Success Summit to give your teen a new perspective in as little as one day. Guide them to a path where challenges become opportunities and success is a reality!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Wish you the best and hope you become the best on your quest to improve yourself.

Musah Lotallah

Real World Education LLC.

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