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Are you an entrepreneur, self-starter, or motivated to start your own business?

You can learn how to reduce the learning curve!


You have always wanted to be your own boss but have thought it was too risky. Many people are afraid of starting their own business because of statistics like 9 out of 10 businesses fail. In other cases, many of us have started our own business only to find frustration, long hours & little payoff. Both employees and business owners can work long hours and often feel unsatisfied.

Are you:Entrepreneur-2

  • Self-employed but still struggling in your business?
  • A budding entrepreneur needing direction & guidance?
  • Stuck in a dead-end job?
  • Tired of spending more time with your co-workers than with your family?
  • Feeling unfulfilled in your career?
  • Unsure how to escape the rat race?
  • Taking advice from dream-stealers?
  • Searching for a better way to achieve financial success?
  • Ready to start defining success on your terms?
  • Ready to conquer business in your field but don’t know the first steps?
  • Afraid of making changes, but even more afraid of not making any changes?



Learn how to achieve business success at the Entrepreneur Mind State Seminar.

In one day, you will learn:

  • The 3 kinds of risk and which is the riskiest of all
  • Reconditioning yourself for automatic success
  • Creating your own mental economy
  • Winning the “money game” and getting on the path to financial freedom
  • The secret to un-limiting your income
  • The secret to becoming an expert in a world of amateurs
  • Building a following of the right customers 
  • Overcoming enemies of success
  • The benefits of owning your own business.
  • How to set yourself up for entrepreneurial success
  • The realities of business ownership
  • The difference between self-employment vs. business ownership and which is better

Take a step toward financial independence on your terms!

The goal of the Entrepreneur Mind State Seminar is to propel you into the world of financial independence.

You will discover:  win

  • The true definition of an entrepreneur
  • The key ingredient to ensure you will excel in the marketplace
  • How to stop being the CEO, Secretary, Bookkeeper & Janitor
  • How to overcome financial, business and security obstacles
  • How to make your resources work for you
  • How to find the money you need to fund your ideas
  • What those at the top do that you don’t do…yet



About the Instructor

Your instructor is an entrepreneur himself and has lived the pros and cons of owning your own business.  As a true tale of rags to riches, he shares his life story to motivate, inspire and impart invaluable lessons. In as few as 5 years after leaving a life of poverty and lack, he combined his street smarts and book smarts to successfully start and run his own business, earning his first million. He strongly believes that you have the ability overcome any hurdle, shed self-limiting beliefs, reinvent your future, and achieve new levels of personal, spiritual and financial success.




By attending this seminar, you will gain invaluable benefits:.


…so that you will have the mindset and tools needed for entrepreneurial success! You will have a clear vision of what is possible along with the right combination of practical & technical knowledge. Envision the satisfaction of creating, implementing and achieving your most ambitious goals. You can live the life you desire!


You will learn:


  • How to Structure Your Business
  • How to invest your time to achieve the best productivity
  • 80/20 rules to implement
  • What to outsource to free your time
  • How to creating new opportunities
  • Brand yourself and Business
  • Crate a Niche to beat out competition  
  • How to build a brand or business that wows!
  • How to condition your self for success


We guarantee that you gain new insights to nurture and grow your entrepreneurial spirit after attending this seminar. In fact, we are so certain that we offer a money back guarantee!


Extra Bonus Button



As a BONUS, attendees can take advantage of:.

  • BONUS 1  Goal Planning Session 
  • BONUS 2 Budget Planning  Session
  • BONUS 3 Three Places to find new funding 

Easily  a $350 value, that’s Right FREE for this seminar only.



Guaranteed Benefits

We guarantee that you gain new insights to nurture and grow your entrepreneurial spirit after attending this seminar. In fact, we are so certain that we offer a money back guarantee!




Use the Conquering Limiting Beliefs Seminar to overcome your fears and banish limiting beliefs in as little as one day. Embark on a path paved with positivity!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Wish you the best and hope you become the best on your quest to improve yourself.

Musah Lotallah

Real World Education LLC.

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